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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Caution: Abrupt Tone Shift and Seemingly different story. Trust me, it's the same one...


The sun was out today. On the way to the subway I saw two neighborhood kids, a boy and a girl. The boy had taken one of the girl’s inline skates and was using one foot to push himself across the road with it on the other. The girl was yelling after him, crying, trying to position her stockinged foot so she didn’t get her sock dirty on the pavement. I was going to go over and take the skate away from the boy, but I feared it might cause an international incident.

Son Mi said she called me this weekend, but I don’t remember the phone ringing. I probably wasn’t in any state of mind to talk anyway. She went to the Buddhist temple in Insadong, and I wouldn’t have wanted to go there.

Today is my 10 and a half-month anniversary (which is not an anniversary at all, but merely some sort of fraction of a versary that I choose not to figure out) which means I have thirty more days until I go back to the States. I should’ve already bought my plane ticket, but I haven’t. Plans change, etc.

Son Mi and Eun Hwa told me a story today. We were on our lunch break at school walking to the kimbap house to get some kimbap and soup. (The kimbap was good: they rolled the seaweed into a tight cylinder so that none of the vegetables or rice spilled out; the roll was cut evenly into discs; the rice was soft and fluffy and surrounded the vegetables and ham all sides.—the place was called Gim Po Kim Bap) I am never sure what to believe when they talk, because they have a tendency to bend the truth when they are together. If they are apart, both of them are, of course, paragons of virtue.


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